A few minor bug fixes

Over the past few days, we have been working to knock out a few pesky bugs in our user interface. Today, we deployed an update to our web console that includes the following two fixes:

  1. There was a bug that nefariously re-enabled the checkbox for “Filter Tickets” within the action step “Update Existing Autotask Ticket”. Once that checkbox was enabled and saved, it could never be disabled, and would always become re-enabled when saving the rule.

We have resolved this issue, and the checkbox for “Filter Tickets” can now be disabled successfully.

  1. After a recent update, some fields within the console did not display all valid auto-complete options when a user would type {{ to see the valid choices. This issue particularly affected missing custom variables that were not displayed within Autotask fields in the MSPintegrations interface.

That issue is now resolved, and all valid options are displayed correctly within the entire console.

Thank you to customers AE, RR, and JC for bringing these to our attention.