Bug Found in MSPIntergrations

While using an Action to “Query For Multiple Objects”, I am returned an array, but in the following Action when trying to access a specified index when using “Only perform this action if the following condition is met”, it won’t let me use any other index besides [0].

Hi @gdsTechJay

What you have found is not a bug, but simply a limitation in the interface. The auto-complete that is displayed when typing {{ or building an expression includes the 0 index for all arrays, and doesn’t include any further indexes. This is because when you are building the rule, MSPintegrations doesn’t have any way to determine how many indexes might be present.

If you need to use a different index in the expression builder, hold shift when adding the stanza and free-from enter it. You can see my notes here that answer a similar question.

Let me know if you need more specifics.

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