How to automatically create new tickets for many contracts

In this video, I demonstrate how to query Autotask for a set of contracts and then create a new ticket for each matching contract.

This workflow is demonstrated using the MSPintegrations Scheduled Tasks product, and is best utilized on a recurring schedule (every month, every quarter, etc).

This is an ideal workflow that can be used to create recurring tickets in Autotask. For example, you could create a new ticket for every Managed Services contract each quarter to verify their backups, or review thier account, or to reboot a server.


  • How to set Up the Scheduled Task in MSPintegrations [00:13]
  • How to utilize [00:34]
  • How to create rule to Query for all Contracts [2:28]
  • How to create rule to Iterate over Contract to Create Tickets [3:41]
  • How to create rule to Create Ticket for the Autotask to create an API object[4:01]
    • Note: each Autotask ticket must have either a QueueID or an AssignedResourceID and AssignedResourceRoleID. [5:19]
  • How to add/insert ContractID in a rule. [8:07]
  • How to run a test to see if it works. [9:32]
  • How to refresh the query if it doesn’t show completed yet and review the logs to ensure the task successfully queries contracts, iterates over them, and creates tickets according to the specified criteria. [10:00]
  • How to filter the task to create tickets for specific accounts during testing, to allow testing without generating multiple tickets for various accounts. [11:21]