Increased Maximum Size for Incoming Emails

We have successfully increased the maximum email size that is accepted by Email2AT for emails sent to Hosted Mailboxes and Email2AT Classic addresses.

When we first released Email2AT 13 years ago :star_struck:, email sizes were much smaller than today. Also, Autotask limited (and still does) the size of new Autotask Ticket Attachments to just 7 MB when created using the API. Because of these two factors, we went live with Email2AT and enforced a 10 MB limit for incoming emails. Any email received over 10MB would be bounced to the sender (until today).

Over the years, and much more so recently, we have heard from our customers that this 10 MB limit is too small.

Today, we proudly announce that Email2AT now accepts for processing email messages up to 75 MB in size. This change affects messages that are routed directly to Email2AT (to a Hosted Mailbox) or to Email2AT Classic.

It’s important to note that the Autotask API still limits Autotask attachments to 7 MB in size, so Email2AT will be unable to attach any attachments to Autotask if they are too large. In this case, Email2AT will add a note to the Ticket/Task/Account/etc to alert you that there was an attachment that was too large.

To the handful of customers who were persistent in asking about this, thank you! Your gentle reminders helped us get this important feature over the finish line.