New (Pending) Updates for June, 2024

We have been re-engineering much of the backend logic for processing emails and scheduled tasks. Ultimately, we are working to support the ability to pause and delay running processes (this not available yet, but has been part of the reason for the changes I share today).

As part of these updates, we will be able to implement some user-interface enhancements. Some of these user-interface enhancements are available now in our beta console site.

Please check out the new changes in these videos. If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback from these changes, please share! We can still make changes to these things, and we would like to hear from you.


History Logs - Auto-Reload, Color Coding, and In-Progress Status

Background Asynchronous Jobs

Scheduled Tasks - Run Now

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Looks good. Like the log changes.

Can I ask about the syncronous stuff, how does MSP currently handle multiple emails for an alert within the same mailbox poll.

For example, email alert comes in 10:01 for Down, then 10:01:30 it comes in with Up. Then the next pickup is 10:02.

Hi @dale,

Right now, those emails would all be simultaneously ingested into MSPintegrations and dispatched to be processed. Then, they would be picked up by the next available “worker” process as soon as possible.

With your example, MSPintegrations would likely process them all at the exact same time. This makes it difficult to implement self-healing logic.

In a future update, we intend to introduce concurrency limits to allow you to enforce email #1 being done before starting email #2, and then again wait for #2 before #3 starts.

Thanks. That helps to confirm the experience we are seeing. Thought that would be the case. Look forward to seeing that in a future update