🍂 October updates

Fall is fully underway this month and as the days get shorter, here at MSPintegrations we’ve been busy building some new features!

Read on for more about our new features and improvements:

:electric_plug: Connect multiple Autotask instances

:envelope_with_arrow: Re-engineered remote mailbox polling

:sparkles: UX improvements + community-led features

Connect multiple Autotask instances

This month we’ve worked to support teams who have complex Autotask setups. MSPintegrations can now connect to more than one Autotask instance from the same MSPintegrations tenant. This is available as an add-on feature on our enterprise license. If you’d like find out more, contact us at support@mspintegrations.com.

Re-engineered remote mailbox polling

We updated the logic MSPintegrations uses to ingest messages from remote mailboxes that connect using the Microsoft Graph API. With this update, mailboxes can ingest old emails that you drag to the mailboxes after they are enabled. We hope this will be useful during testing.

This change does not impact the behavior when you enable a mailbox – MSPintegrations always ignores emails that are present in the mailbox at that point. It is still safe to enable a remote mailbox with existing emails.

Note: this change only applies when you enable a mailbox with fewer than 500 messages.

UX improvements + community-led features

  • You can now more easily navigate the history tab by jumping to the first and last log. We want to say a big thank you to @dale from our community for requesting this feature!
  • We recommend using crontab guru for help building cron expressions. You can now access crontab guru directly from Scheduled Tasks.
  • When you delete something, we now display the name of the item (e.g. a rule) to help prevent mistakes.


Thanks for everyone who has joined our community this month. We’ve really enjoyed hearing your feedback and having discussions.

As always, please contact us with any feedback, questions or ideas :smile: