Adding additional contact to tickets

I am attempting to add one specific contact as an additional contact to a ticket. I’m doing this as a final step in a rule after a prior steps create a new ticket from an email (the contact I am looking to add as an additional one is not one of the recipients of that email), and after another step looks up the contact I am planning to add in. All prior steps work as expected, but the final one comes back with an error: Autotask API Update not performed because ‘Entity’ or ‘EntityID’ parameter missing.

The action I am using in the final step is: API: Update object [Autotask Direct API Calls]
For Entity Selection I am using this for the Autotask Entity Type to Update: Ticket Additional Contact
The problem I believe is that I am not setting the ID of Autotask TicketAddtionalContact to Update correctly. I don’t really understand what needs to go into this field. I’ve tried a few things just as guesses, but please advise on what this field means and needs to be set as.

Also, right now I have only ContactID set as a TicketAddtionalContact Fields, but do I need to set the TicketID there as well?

Anything else I need to be aware of?

Hi @rinowlocki

Can you share the URL to the message in your history or to the rule you created? I’ll take a look and give a specific answer.


Hi Travis,


hi @travis - any luck looking into this error?

Instead of “updating” the TicketAdditionalContact, you need to create a new TicketAdditionalContact. The settings should look like this:

thanks Travis.
got it to work. Seemed to have to use {{}}.

Ah, yes. You’re right.

Glad it worked!