Assign company without email to latch on to

We are wanting to use Email2AT to start cleaning up our IT Glue expiration emails since they don’t have a native integration for this purpose. Since all these emails come from “,” what is the process for assigning a ticket to a client based on the client name being in the subject? Below is a screenshot of a typical email we will get from IT Glue.

We can configure these emails to be just about whatever we want, with a handful of variables to choose as well, so we are open to changing this up to accomplish this goal.

Thanks for posting!

Using this example screenshot, what is the name of the account in Autotask that would need the ticket created?

Sorry, that would have been useful. It is Capsule.


Can you chime in now that I’ve listed the client name?

@bayon Thank you for your patience. I was assigned to a jury trial (serving jury duty this week) and my time was a bit compressed. I’m now done and catching up. :slight_smile:

In MSPintegrations, you will want to implement logic that performs the following steps:

  1. Query Autotask for an account where AccountName equals {{before_string email.subject " - "}}. This will search for an Autotask Account where the AccountName equals the email subject line before the -. Store the results in custom.account.
  2. Create a ticket. The AccountID field should be set to {{}}

That’s the basic overview of the process. Would you like any more of it fleshed out?

Just to add to this. We use IT Glue. We simply added the organisation name to each of the notification templates under workflows. We also send the resource name in the same email.

We then use MSP to interrogate the content.

@dale, would you be open to showing your expanded settings from your screenshot? We are still new to Email2AT and working examples really helps. No worries if now, your screenshot as it helps greatly.

Sure. Bear in mind you will need to amend them based on your IT Glue template. They are all very similar. Rule 2 is one we have implemented to shorten a customers name. I haven’t included that one