Auto create ticket if needing to send an email to a client

To create a work rule that will action when I send an email to one of my clients where an email address is in Autotask. Don’t want it to actually send an email from my email address I want it to create a ticket and auto task put me as the resource. A variable that I add in the subject that could be looked up to see if there’s a user account and the ticket goes to that person as the primary contact and company. Looking for some way to do this if anyone has any ideas or a best way to do it please let me know thank you.

Hi @jamie ,

Welcome, and thanks for posting.

It sounds like you want to configure MSPintegrations to watch your email Sent folder and create a new ticket for every sent email if you send it to an email address associated to an existing Autotask contact.

Do I understand correctly?

I am just trying to figure out the limitations but I think sending an email is a limitation because it will already have left the account.

I dont need to do this right now anymore. I need to figure out the incoming stuff. ill make a post.