Autotask API Rejects calls made too quickly in succession

History: MSPintegrations

Thank you


I moved this to a new thread because it’s a different issue and I suspect we may want to reference this separately.

This error is interesting. The data that MSPintegrations sent to Autotask appears to be valid, but the Autotask API rejected it stating that the Ticket ID was invalid. The ticket had been created a minute before the attachment, and the error says the ticket doesn’t exist.

I suspect this may be related to another report of a similar challenge, but it also could be because you or someone deleted the ticket before the attachment was created. Does ticket T20240202.0131 exist in your Autotask, or was it deleted?

@travis No it doesn’t, I suspect the ‘testing’ tickets we were doing got purged.
Sorry about that, was very tired on Friday and didn’t pick that up!

Great. That’s an easy explanation, then. :grinning:

Let me know if you see anything else odd.