CatchAll - Dumping to Random Customer

Performing a test and the email hit the catch at the end, and we have a separate Account ID we want to route unknown emails to, however its connecting the ticket to random, even checked for alt domains and they don’t exist under the clients.

Domain -

It shows in the logs as routing to Account ID=0 but it did not perform that way it went to account=29683957

History - MSPintegrations

Thank you SO much for including the link to the history.

I see in your history that MSPintegrations queried for Account id 0, and then created ticket T20240417.0033. The details in the log show that this ticket was created on Account 0, here:

Where are you seeing the account is 29683957 instead of 0?


I was showing the account ID when opening the ticket inside of autotask.

Whats weird is opening the ticket backup today and its now under account 0

I wonder if autotask was having an issue, since we were seeing some other bugs since our instance just went live with the new update yesterday


If you are able to reproduce the issue, let us know.