Cc'd resources being added as client additional contacts

Description of Issue:

When a customer sends an email to create a new ticket and CC’s any * email addresses, those emails are being added as additional contacts in the ticket. As a result, updates are being sent out with our staff’s private emails included.

Required Solution:

We need to adjust the process so that any email a client sends to us with a CC of a domain user is handled differently. Instead of adding the CC’d email as an additional contact under the client company name, the CC’d user should be added as a secondary resource in the ticket. This will prevent our staff’s private emails from being disclosed in ticket updates.

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In your question, I know that you are using as a placeholder for your own domain, and that your goal here is to ensure that your staff are not added as ticket additional contacts when your staff are CC’d on emails from your customers that create or update tickets. (I’m just clarifying for anyone else following along at home)

Here is how the “Add all email recipients to ticket as ‘Additional Contacts’” option works:

Within MSPintegrations, two workflow actions can perform a hard-coded process that adds all email recipients as additional ticket contacts. Those two workflow actions are the Create Autotask Ticket workflow action, and the Update Existing Autotask Ticket workflow action.

In both cases, the process MSPintegrations uses to find and add additional ticket contacts is:

  1. Capture every unique email recipient from the processed message: the sender, all to-addresses, and all cc-addreses are captured and filtered to remove duplicates
  2. Query Autotask to find all contacts that exist on the ticket’s account that also match any of the email addresses captured in step 1
  3. Query Autotask to find the existing ticket contact and all existing ticket additional contacts that already exist on the ticket in question
  4. For every contact returned in step 2 that was not returned in step 3, add the contact to the ticket as a ticket additional contact

The simplest solution to ensure your staff is not added to the ticket

Since the process only searches for existing contacts, and never creates new contacts, the simplest way to ensure that your staff is not added to a ticket as an additional contact is to ensure that your staff are not represented as contacts on any customer accounts. If a staff member is created as a contact on a customer account, you can mark them as inactive (disable them) so they are not included in this process.

If you must leave your staff enabled as contacts, but if you want to prevent Autotask from ever sending the staff person email notifications, you can uncheck this box on the edit screen for the contact. This will ensure that Autotask never sends a workflow rule notification or a ticket, time entry, or note notification to that contact even if they are added as a ticket additional contact:

CleanShot 2024-06-18 at 19.35.40@2x

If this solution isn’t satisfactory, you can implment a more customized and complex solution…

The more complex (and more powerful and customizable) solution to ensure your staff is never added to the ticket

One of the most powerful aspects of MSPintegrations is the fact that you can build custom processes for any process where the out-of-the-box processes doesn’t fit your needs exactly.

In your example, if you need to add all email recipients to a ticket as additional contacts, but only if the email address matches (or doesn’t match) certain criteria (such as the email address domain name), you can build a process in MSPintegrations that does just that.

The process you would build could be similar to this:

  • Iterate over all “to” addresses, then for each to-address:
    • Query Autotask for a contact with an email address that matches the to-address but add an expression to this step to only query Autotask if the email address domain is not
    • If the contact exists in Autotask, create a new Ticket Additional Contact for that Contact and Ticket but enable the checkbox to suppress Autotask Exceptions so that it silently ignores errors caused by trying to add the same contact to the ticket more than once
  • Iterate over all “cc” addresses
    • <do the same logic as the “to” addresses

Whether you use the simpler method (don’t use contacts to represent your staff on tickets), or you use the more complex method (create a custom process to target the exact criteria you need), MSPintegrations can facilitate the process you envision.

Let us know how it works out!

If you have any further questions or need more clarification, please reply here and we’ll be glad to help!

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