Checklists in tickets - check which items are ticked


Some of our tickets contain checklists, and i want to create a workflow for catching the status of those checklists (ie if there are items that are not ticket when a ticket is closed).

It’s quite easy within a workflow to query and get information about a checklist that is connected to a ticket but i’m struggling to do something useful with the data.

Basically i want to traverse through the array, checking whether a checklist-item is ticked or not and ping the user with information about which item(s) are not checked to get them to take action. I also want to include the actual information, in contrast to just saying “one or more checklist items are not completed”, which the built in workflow-engine in autotask could probably do.

I would very much appreciate any help and suggestions for doing this.

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Hi @hundra

Here’s a video demonstrating how to query Autotask for all incomplete checklist items on a ticket, and then creating a variable with a list of those items: