Configuration Item - Product Category

Hi, I wondered if anyone is able to help. We are trying to create a configuration item within a customer but are having problems when defining the category. I have created a new configuration item and assigned it manually in AutoTask to the new category. I can see it retrieving the category ID.

I have tried typing the Category name, but it doesn’t display anything. The blue bar goes along but returns no results for any values.

I then unlock the cell and put in 110 in the cell. When I go back in after saving I can see this value it has changed it to.

However when it runs it errors.

If I remove the installed product category field altogether it creates the asset under the default category.

Anytime you see this error (“Please contact MSPintegrations Support and reference correlation id…”), it means something happened that the system didn’t anticipate. All errors that are anticipated are written to the logs. Anything that isn’t anticipated is sent to our bug system and is not written to the log.

In this case, there was an error when writing the logs with the information about why the Autotask call was rejected.

We fixed this defect and it’s already pending release. I’ll send you an updated release later today that resolves the unknown error.

This has been resolved in the newest release.

Thanks I now get the exception message and can see it wants the install date defined. Whats strange is that if you dont define a category it just uses the default and sets the install date to the date it created. If you want it to set a category it needs the install date.

That is indeed unexpected. That’s an oddity of the Autotask API that I haven’t seen before (and I’ve seen a lot of API oddities!).