Create Ticket Workflow - Not finding Domain

Hi we have a Ticket workflow created. However, when a new user emails in and a contact record is not found for that user it is failing to create one under that organisation. The rules are as below

I can see in the History that its looking in the web address field and not the email field for some reason.

Autotask Query: “Active = “1” AND (WebAddress = “” OR WebAddress CONTAINS “” OR WebAddress CONTAINS “/” OR WebAddress ENDS WITH “” OR WebAddress ENDS WITH “/” OR WebAddress ENDS WITH “” OR WebAddress ENDS WITH “/” OR WebAddress BEGINS WITH “” OR UDF:Email2AT Domains CONTAINS “” )”
Autotask API accessed as user: “

Any ideas?

In the affected company (account) check for the “Email2AT Domains”. It’s a UDF that should’ve been created when the integration was setup. That’s where Email2AT is looking for in the “UDF:Email2AT Domains”. It’s useful if the org has multiple domains and the other methods the way I understand them only let you set a primary. The UDF is multiple, just separate with returns as in each line is a separate domain.

Thanks. Does MSP integrations not look for existing contacts with the same domain? then use that company like the built in AutoTask connector does?

It says in the workflow it does.

By default, MSPintegrations will query for any contact or account in Autotask to find a suitable match to the email address or domain name. You may limit the search to a smaller set of accounts to ensure that only certain accounts will be retrieved when matching the sender’s address or domain.


When searching for an existing contact, MSPintegrations searches for any contact with a matching email address.

When searching for an existing account when no contact was located, MSPintegrations searches for an account with a domain matching the email from-address domain.

MSPintegrations doesn’t search for other contacts with the same domain - it only searches for an account.

It may not as clear as you’d like, but here’s the write up of that process:

Basically, the process is:

  1. Search for a contact where EmailAddress == email.from.address. If found, use that contact and its account.
  2. Search for an account where DomainName == from.from.address_domain. If found, that account. Optionally create a new contact on that account.
  3. Use the Default account.

Does that clarify it?

That does make sense. The link supplied explains it well. Added the @ domains now to the Email AT UDF. Thanks