Creating a new Autotask contact with no email address

Hi, we get lots of alerts in from different systems. WHen they come in they get allocated against a dedicated contact within the customer. We are trying to build some automation for the rule to create the contact within the customer if it does not exist. Since the alert comes in for a generic email address we want the contact created without an email address. We have failed to get this working. When creating the contact manually in AutoTask it prompts as below with regards to client portal.

The rule we have created is as below:

We can see it look for the account, it cant find it so it moves down to the rule to create but errors

Any ideas how we create a contact with no email address?

Hi @dale , and thanks for posting this here! :wink:

I am happy to say I found a solution for you.

When trying to create a new contact with no email address using the Autotask UI, you’ll note there’s an error saying you can’t do that unless you disable notifications for the contact. The setting to select in the UI is called “Opted out from task/ticket notifications”:

I created a new contact this way, and then queried for that contact (using its id property) within MSPintegrations to see what it looked like. Here’s part of the response:

The “notification: false” property caught my eye. I created another test in MSPintegrations to create a contact with “Notification” set to “0” (for “false”), and it succeeded:

The solution is: add the “Notification” property and set it to “0” when creating a contact with no email address.

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Let us know how that works!

That worked Thanks very much.