Creation of a project from a project template

I would like to build some projects from existing Autotask Project Templates - in the UI this is through
Create > Project from Template.

I have worked through standard project creation which is fine but can’t see a way in the reference guides to invoke the ‘from a template’ option.

Hi @alex

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, the ability to create projects from a template is only available in the Autotask user-interface, not the API.

To replicate this in the API, you would need to query the API for all tasks, phases, and notes, and then re-create those yourself. It is possible to do this in the API, but it is not simple, and I wouldn’t recommend trying it within MSPintegrations (it’s a bit too complex).

Thanks Travis, that sounds like an awful lot of work for a 5 click process which is fairly quick already!

Appreciate the response.

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