Default Account for co-managed organization

We have a co-managed account that currently has it’s own email processing mailbox in AutoTask, so I’m trying to recreate that setup.

I created a new hosted mailbox which will only be used as a destination for this organization and I’ve copied all of the rules from our primary support@ mailbox.

On the main workflow, when creating a new ticket it is set to:
Action if no existing account exist = Assign Ticket to Default Account
Default Account if no match = {our default account if not identified}

On this “cloned” set of rules:

  1. the default account drop down shows no items found. Would think it would show the same default account as the other rule. I think we want to use this and not the create new account, but wondering why it isn’t showing that account as a choice.
  2. I don’t think that I want to create a new account (organization?). We just want to make sure that any incoming message sent to this mailbox will get added as a new contact onto this co-managed account. This way if a vendor sends in a new message for the first time they get a contact created. The New Contact Creation section currently has both checkboxes set, so I think that means it is going to try and create that contact in the default account (#1) and then also create it in this org.

It looks like the only place we’re actually choosing the co-managed account is when we create the ticket and what queue we put it in. I’m just unclear on how to guarantee that it’s all going to be tied to that organization from the top of the rules other than the contact matching.

Just checking in on this. Brought it here instead of direct support email (as requested/preferred), but if it needs more direct attention for resolution, I can switch back to that.

Solution to #1 – The dropdown doesn’t automatically list the accounts until you start to put something in. So once you start to enter some text, it will refresh in the background and pull down a list of accounts. Then you can choose the default account you need. It was unclear that I had to interact with the combo box other than hitting the down arrow to see up-to-date information.

For #2, I went ahead also set the account filter to be the ID of the default account (as recommended). I double checked the queue was correct for the co-managed account and then I also set the category for the co-managed account, which is something I missed before as we have a custom category for each to handle their forms and permissions.

I think that’s everything and I guess I just have to test it to find out.

Hey @DBachen

Thanks for following up, and sorry for the delay in replying.

It sounds like you figured out what needed to be done. Do you still have more questions that need to be resolved?

The pull-down does not pre-load the list of accounts (some companies have 25,000+ accounts). Instead, it’s a search field. As you noted, you need to type the name and allow MSPintegrations to search Autotask for the matching account(s).

Since you are using the Autotask Create New Ticket workflow action, and if you want to ensure that 100% of the tickets are associated to one particular account, you want to enable the account filter to limit it to that account, and also select that account as the default account. You can see this detailed in our help docs at the bottom of this page:

Let us know how it works and if you have any further questions.

No… we’re good. Thanks.