Error tickets created when regular ticket creation fails

Looking to make certain that any (or at least a lot/most) mailbox we have (hosted and classic) will still create a ticket (even a generic one with a parser error) if any rule/action fails and therefore doesn’t create a ticket as expected. Can you guide me on the best approach for this?

You should always have a catch all at the end of the rules, that will log a simple ticket if all the other rules above dont apply. This wont cover you though if it has an issue say due to required fields and API errors. Im not aware of a way to get it to create a ticket. However, it should generate an email when it errors, which you could direct at a AutoTask standard email mailbox so those faults log outside of MSP. One of our catch all examples below. This rule should be the last rule in your mailbox and only run if there has been no ticket created by any other rule. Hence global.Ticket == null