Extract First and Last name

I have an email that gives the first and last name like this:

Name: Keith Tessler;

I have been able to extract the first name with:
{{between_strings email.body “Name:” " " flags=“t”}}

But I can not get the last name. I have tried:
{{between_strings email.body {{custom.FirstName}} “;” flags=“t”}}
{{between_strings email.body “{{custom.FirstName}}” “;” flags=“t”}}


Try this:

{{between_strings email.body custom.FirstName “;” flags=“t”}}

Thanks for the after-hours response!

It returned: {{between_strings email.body custom.FirstName “;” flags=“t”}} as the contents of LastName. It did not process it. The email is test@cmit.mspiparser.com if you would like to take a look.

If you copy/pasted my example, it probably copied styled quotes instead of “real” quotation marks. Try typing my version instead of copy/paste.

That worked! - Thanks

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