Field greyed out whilst trying to use UDF

Hi, we are trying to look up an account by querying the value in a UDF. It we select account name we can type in our value we want to query.

If we select our newly created UDF it wont let us select the input box and its all greyed out. We can use other UDF’s. The UDF is active in AutoTask.

Any ideas?


I am not seeing this exact issue when I test. Does it happen with all UDFs or only some?

Can you share a link to your rule to me at and I can take a look.

Thanks Alex. I’ve found out the issue, looks like its a bug when using multiple instances of AutoTask. Suspect it will need fixing your end.

Essentially we have Live and Sandbox connected, with the default instance being Sandbox. I created the new UDF only in Live and not in Sandbox. With the API pointing to Live it would show the new UDF but greyed out on the input box. If I then created the UDF in Sandbox and refreshed the browser it all worked!


When moving between instances of Email2AT you will want to do a full browser refresh after you move to the new instance. That makes sure the cached info in the browser matches the instance you are working in.

I did already try that but it made no difference. Only when the UDF was created in sandbox did it work

It seemed like the input box only looked at the default instance (Sandbox) and never changed to the defined one even after refresh

Hi Dale! Thank you for reporting this bug about the field being greyed out while trying to use UDF.

We have released an update and we believe this bug is now resolved. If you find the bug is not resolved, please reply to let us know and we will look into it further.

If we can be of any additional assistance, please let us know. Thanks!