How to automatically notify Front of newly-created Autotask tickets


We are looking for a way to incorporate Autotask ticket IDs into Front. This can be done by adding them as comments, inserting them into the email’s body or subject line on response, or replying to the same email thread with the Ticket Number. We are wondering if it’s possible for MSP Integration to reply to the same email thread with the Autotask ticket ID details. Do you know of any other way to achieve this?

Hi @viktoriia.k ,

Are you trying to modify the email that is sent from Autotask, or are you trying to ingest an email into Autotask in a different way?

I am trying to figure out how to include an Autotask Ticket to the original email request thread on Front.

Is it possible to reply to the original thread with just the ticket ID using the option in MSP integration that sends an email after a ticket is created?

I am familiar with Front, and I just want to be sure I’m understanding your request fully.

After MSPintegrations creates a new ticket, do you want to send an email back to Front with the newly-created TicketNumber?

Correct, to the same e-mail chain. like replying to the original message


You will need the created ticket to be stored in a variable in a previous step (let me know if you need help with that). For the sake of this example, let’s assume the ticket creation result is available as custom.result.

This example also assumes that the action you used to create the ticket was the “Create Autotask Ticket” action, as seen here:

You will need to create a new step after the ticket was created, and the new step will send an email to Front. In that new step, you can insert the ticket number using the template {{custom.result.Ticket.TicketNumber}}.

You also may want to include a direct hyperlink to the Autotask ticket. You can insert that using the template {{custom.result.Ticket.meta.autotask_url}}:

Depending on the particulars of your existing rules, there may be more to it, but this is the basic setup you should use to send an email back to Front with the new Autotask ticket number.

If you need help with the specifics, please provide the URL to the rule you are working with, and I can take a look and answer here with the details.

Let us know how it goes!