Inconsistent UI? Bug or design

I am trying to query for an account, and want to hard code the account in. However, im not getting the padlock and the facility where it queries AutoTask

If I select Account Type it works

Also if I select Contract as the entity type I can query companies via name, but cant under Account.

Any ideas?

Hey @dale,

I understand why you are asking, and your question makes sense. What you are seeing is by design.

When viewing the “Account” entity, the “AccountName” field is a string, so we decorate it as a string in our UI.

When viewing the “AccountType” or “Contract” entities, the “AccountID” fields are relationships that map to an Account object, so we decorate the field as a relationship that displays all Accounts.

If you want to hardcode a particular Account, the most reliable way to do it is to query for it by “id”.

Thanks Travis for clarifying. Ill hard code it