Iteration Through items and creating a ticket

Scenario I am creating an automation for off boarding a user, I have queried for the User (Contact), and the Contact may have multiple Installed Products associated with them. I want to iterate through these installed products and create a ticket for Each one. Is this possible?

Also how do I create a child ticket

Check this video at about the 4-minute mark.

Does that answer your question?

Yes that helps, but also I need to know how to have a parent ticket and than sub child tickets.

When you say a “Parent” ticket, are you referring to a Problem Ticket and Incident Tickets?

Yes a Problem ticket and a Incident Ticket, apologies I do not, know the nuisances of auto task. As long as it supports a Main Ticket with associated Sub Tickets.

No problem at all.

You will first make the “Problem” ticket. Set the field TicketType to Problem. Make sure to store the result of that ticket into a variable (I will call it custom.ticket here).

Next, create the incident tickets. Set the field TicketType to Incident, and the field ProblemTicketID to {{}}.

Let me know how that goes!

Appreciate Travis, I now need to perform a split on a block of text, each line of text is on a new line. How to perform this type of split using text helpers.

Can you provide an example of the text you will be splitting and explain how you need it split up?

The following text is stored in a custom variable:

GDS/Cordicate Admin follow-up required
Local Computer Files - Archive the offboarding users business folder
RPOP Office 365 (remove active licensing and add ons)
Zee Drive licensing deletion
Azure Active Directory deletion (Kardin)
MRI Account deletion
Avid XChange Account deletion
Distribution group lists removal - Everyone and RPOP
Global Address listing removal
Business phone extension license removal
Engineering Share deletion (if used)

Each of these are on seperate lines.

I was hoping to split using the new line character \n

What will you do with each line? Does each line make a new ticket?

Iterate through them to create a ticket

Since it appears that you have a varying number of lines, you won’t be able to use text helpers. Instead, you will need to use a regular expression.

Here’s a link to the tool I use for regular expression sandboxes with your string in it.

You will use it in MSPintegrations like this: