Matching on subjects

We use a service to monitor for website down / up status for several domains.

The emails from the service include the subjects “Monitor is DOWN:” and “Monitor is UP:”.

Since we have multiple web addresses being monitored, I would like to use the email2at to match on the subject (also the ticket title) such that if initial DOWN comes in and open a ticket and when the UP comes in match on the UP and the domain portion of the subject to then close the down ticket. Each domain generates separate down and up emails. I do not want the “Monitor is UP:” email to close the down for

I have a regular expression that is parsing the subject but I am a bit stumped on the matching of the domain / status of the existing ticket.

Hi @boockenstock !

Typically, you would search for the existing ticket by searching for a ticket where AccountID is the anticipated account, Status != Complete, and then something else that would correctly correlate the email to the ticket.

In your example, I would extract the domain name and then search for an incomplete ticket where the Title was Monitor is DOWN: <DOMAIN NAME HERE>.

If you’d like more help with the specifics, let me know what you’ve built and where you’re stuck and I’ll help how I can.

I seem to be stuck on the expression builder to only run the close the ticket rule if custom.existingticket.title contains the value saved from the (?\S*)/ of the regular expression.

Can you elaborate a bit more, maybe with some screenshots? I apologize, but I don’t understand the question.