Multi-byte character Support

So we can support multiple languages within AutoTask, we are looking to turn on Multi-byte support. Before we do so we just wanted to check if there are any issues with MSP integrations and this feature.


@dale Oh, interesting. Is that a new feature?

We have always had challenges with multibyte text and Autotask: emails often arrive encoded with multibyte characters, but Autotask has not accepted multibyte characters. We have had to add quite a bit of additional logic to ensure we don’t send multibyte text to Autotask because it displays as garbled.

The full MSPintegrations stack (application and database) supports multibyte. As of today, MSPintegrations will not send any multibyte characters to Autotask. Once you enable multibyte in Autotask, please let me know, and we can enable it in MSPintegrations for your installation and do some testing to be sure it works well. When you first enable it in Autotask, everything will continue to work as it does today: multibyte characters will not be sent from MSPintegrations to Autotask.

The only potential problems I foresee with turning on multibyte text in Autotask involve integrations that pull information from Autotask and are not expecting it to be multibyte, or modify existing information in Autotask. If you use any outside analytics or reporting integrations, I would expect those may be problematic if they do not support multibyte text. Similarly, if any integration modifies existing information, those integrations may see multibyte characters as garbled if the integration itself doesn’t support multibyte.