Outside of Email but an autotask Process

So I am trying to find a way to perform the following and figured it might help some of you as well.

Creating a check for a UDF of the following

Feild: Zone
Drop Down: GA-Zone1 or CTZone2

If this is on the account, and the ticket is marked as a on-site visit, then apply a charge of GA-Zone1 from the autotask Product

The hope is to find a way to automate adding a trip fee for an-onsite visit related to the location from the related office, since unfortunately having techs add it is more miss then hit and we only want this charge added if these above variables exist

Hi @jfitzgerald ,

This should be possible. Before I write out some thoughts, on what event would you like to trigger this workflow: when the ticket is created, or updated, or something else?


The idea would be a if Updated or Created since it might come in as a remote and move to an on-site dispatch.

Also Update a UDF to only trigger once kind of like a counter


Are you able to create a Workflow Rule in Autotask that fires when the charge needs to be added and trigger an email to MSPintegrations? If so, you could keep most of the “should this happen” logic in Autotask, and then when the email is fired to MSPintegrations it will just add the charge.

Please check the Workflow Rules in Autotask to see if it can handle the full process of checking the UDF and sending the email to MSPintegrations only once per ticket at the appropriate time. If that will work, I can show you how to set up the MSPintegrations side.

I can do all in the workflow except for adding charges, that is something that autotask is lacking

The thing would be then what content needs to be added to the notification email for it to be triggered in autotask

Since if using UDF’s I could name the objects the same as the charges to make the matching process easier, also thinking this would be good to route to a dedicated email box so that its only one set of rules to process

Perfect. I’ll write up some instructions a little later today for this.


Checking back in on this one