Recurring Ticket Templates

Hi, I’ve seen lots of guides on here around creating scheduled tickets. Has anyone managed to create Recurring Ticket Templates through MSP? If so has anyone got any guides or advice they can offer.



Hi @dale,

Can you describe what you mean by a “Recurring Ticket Template”?

Do you mean a template that MSPintegrations uses to create recurring tickets, or do you mean creating something that is then used within Autotask?


Thanks for coming back to me. These in AutoTask


Thank you providing the screenshot.

The Autotask API doesn’t expose any recurring ticket functionality, so MSPintegrations can’t provide any access to create or modify those master recurring tickets.

Your question piques my curiosity. The Autotask recurring ticket function you screenshotted is how you would configure Autotask to create a recurring ticket on a schedule. What use case do you envision in which you’d use MSPintegrations to (on a schedule) create a recurring ticket in Autotask, which would then (on a schedule) create tickets on a schedule? Why not create the tickets directly from MSPintegrations?

We were just looking at options at the moment. I guess I was looking at it from the point of view of not having all our eggs in one basket and having it native in AutoTask and MSP tweaking. But I will look into testing the creating tickets on a schedule.