Resources being added as contacts when responding to ticket in email

I am encountering an issue with AutoTask concerning how notes are recorded and displayed in a ticket, particularly affecting customer updates during ticket changes. The problem occurs when a ticket is received by a technician via email and the technician responds directly from the email. Currently, the system mistakenly records the technician’s name as an additional contact under the client’s name. Additionally, it categorizes the note as a customer note rather than a resource note.

This misclassification prevents my workflow rules from triggering correctly. They do not update the customer because the system perceives the update as having been made by the customer, not the technician.

I need a solution where any response from a technician via email is verified by their email address, and the system then accurately logs the entry as a resource note. This change will ensure that my workflow rules trigger appropriately and update the customer when a resource note is added.

Hey @jamie,

Thanks for posting here!

I understand you are working with our professional services team to solve this question, so I am going to mark this question as resolved for now.