Scheduled Task - Create Recurring Ticket

Hi all!

I want to share my setup of recurring tickets.

First a very big “Thank You!” to @travis for helping me setting this up. :partying_face:

Background: Recurring ticket template function exists in Autotask but is a bit hard to work with.

Purpose: Create recurring monthly tickets on block contracts that have UDF: “Monthly Controls=Yes” enabled. Second is to attach a check list to every ticket and assign the ticket to the primary resource stated in the “UDF: Primary Resource” on the contract with “UDF: Monthly Controls=Yes” enabled.

Pre-requisites: Two UDF’s on Contracts in Autotask: One UDF stating if the contract is to be used as a monthly recurring ticket and one UDF containing consultant names and ID’s.

Step 1: Query for all contracts with UDF “Monthly Controls” eq Yes (Autotask Direct API Calls/API: Query for one object)

Step 2: Iterate over contracts to create tickets (Control Structures/Iterate through multiple items in an array)

Observe iterate to custom.contract

Step2: Step 1: Create Ticket (Autotask Direct API Calls/API: Create an object)
Observe {custom.contract} and store result in custom.ticket

Step2: Step 2: Add Checklist (Autotask Direct API Calls/API: Create an object)

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing, @Cynaps_Fredrik !!