Set Priority from message info

I am working on a MSPIntegrations mailbox and I need to create a rule that can set the “Priority” of the ticket created when it finds the value of the “Severity”. The message coming in cannot be edited with a block of text so I have to translate the information received by the message and allow it to set the “Priority”. See below for example.

Text from Message is [Severity=Warning} and we need the Priority to be set as “Medium”.

Is there a way to write this rule/action?

Hi @dthomas

Thanks for posting here.

Overall, I suggest the structure of your rule could be something like this:

You would then configure the “Only perform this action if…” field for each step:

The first step would look like this:

And the second step like this:

You’d need to conifgure the steps to be basically the same action, but they would create the Autotask ticket with different priorities.

Let me know if that’s helpful.