Time Zone Conversion on Due Date

Seeking the proper logic to display a Due Date in Arizona format from ticket in an email being sent from Email2AT (using Send Email command).

NOTE: Arizona follows PST and MST 1/2 year so cannot use PST or MST setting.

Thank you.

Hi @ScottGordon ,

If I recall, Arizona is UTC-7 100% of the year. Is that correct?

If the date is stored in Autotask, and you wish to convert it from Autotask’s timezone to Arizona, use the following syntax (assuming the date is stored in custom.ticket.DueDateTime):

{{date custom.ticket.DueDateTime from_tz="Autotask" to_tz="UTC-7"}}

You can also use the US/Arizona timezone:

{{date custom.ticket.DueDateTime from_tz="Autotask" to_tz="US/Arizona"}}

You can see more information about timezones here:



Seeking assistance with syntax using the re-iterate function.

Inserting this {{date DueDateTime from_tz=“Autotask” to_tz=“US/Arizona”}}
breaks the rule.

{{#each custom.tickets}}
Appt Date: {{DueDateTime}}
{{date DueDateTime from_tz=“Autotask” to_tz=“US/Arizona”}}

Thank you.

Hey @ScottGordon

Can you post the link to your history that demonstrates this issue?