UDF Contents being cleared upon ticket update

Hi, we are trying to implement a system where tickets are reopened based upon a scheduled task. Our workflow is this so far:

  • User fills in a Microsoft form where they detail which customer they need access to and for how long.
  • It sends an email to MSP
  • We enumerate the days needed from the date they logged and store this date in “Re-open date” UDF
  • We then have a daily 1am scheduled task that goes through each ticket with a status of complete and looks for todays date in this UDF.
  • For each ticket it finds it changes status to New and puts it in unassigned (Trying to remove resource as well, but seperate post)
  • However, we are finding that its clearing the UDF Value upon a simple ticket update.

We could just update the UDF again but I wanted to check if this is normal behaviour. Our expected behaviour was to leave everything other field alone and only update the ones we want updated.

We can see in the output that the value is null.


Anyone any ideas on this? Thanks


Can you provide a screenshot for both the object sent to Autotask as well as the object returned from Autotask? The MSPintegrations logs should notate what was sent to Autotask and what was returned.

If you can also enable SOAP debugging (in the Autotask credentials screen) and send the XML that was sent and the XML that was returned, that will be really helpful, as well.