Updating Tickets with Pre Configured Workflow but being able to specify ticket number

Hi, we have lots of customers who use third party helpdesk system that they wish to integrate with AutoTask. To do this we store the customers ticket number in a UDF and query this value to find the corresponding ticket in AutoTask.

We really like using the Update Ticket Workflow, as this does duplicate attachment checking etc. but this doesn’t allow from what I can see to use variables other that {{email.x}}

Ideally we would like to be able to look up the ticket number using the UDF and then use global.Ticket.id in this field.

Is this possible? Thanks

Hi @dale,

The workflow action you cited (Update Existing Autotask Ticket) has a few specific features that will preclude it from being helpful in your intended use-case. The most prominent feature is that this action looks specifically for Autotask ticket numbers, formatted as T20240123.5555, using a regular expression. It then searches Autotask for a ticket where the TicketNumber field is that extracted number.

It sounds like you are asking for a new version of this action but with some more flexibility: you want to define the Autotask field that is queried, and you want to provide the exact ticket number instead of relying on MSPintegrations to extract it for you.

Most of your workflow is available using standalone API call actions, with the exception of recognizing duplicate attachments. If we simply added duplicate attachment recognition to the standalone Autotask Create Attachments action, would that allow you to implement the entire workflow you envision?

Adding the duplicate attachments to the add attachments workflow would be amazing and do what we are after.