Vendor communications


We are trying to figure out the best way to handle vendor communications within Autotask. Is it possible for Email2AT to add contacts to a company when creating a ticket if they do not exist?

For example, if emails and have included and I would like it to create the contacts and on the company associated with

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Hey @tyler.berger ,

Thanks for posting this here.

MSPintegrations has a feature to add “Additional Contacts” to each ticket so long as those contacts already exist in Autotask. So, for example, if emails your support address and cc’s, MSPintegrations can be configured to query Autotask to see if there’s a contact for If there is, MSPintegrations can add that contact to the ticket as an “Additional Contact”.

That workflow is “built in” to MSPintegrations and very easy to enable.

In your case, you want to effectively do this same behavior, but you want to add the “Additional Contacts” in Autotask even if the contact doesn’t yet exist.

I recommend you create a workflow that does the following after the ticket is created:

  1. Iterate over all to-recipients of the email
    1. Query Autotask for a contact with a matching email address and on the account to which the ticket is associated. Store the result as
    2. If contact is located, create a new contact. Store the result as [Note: Configure this to only be executed if is empty].
    3. Create a new TicketAdditionalContact for this Ticket and Contact (using {{}} as the ContactID). On this step, check the box to “Suppress Autotask Exceptions” so that MSPintegrations ignores any errors caused because the contact is already on the ticket.

Let us know how it goes! If you need screenshots or more specific help, let us know what you need.


Interesting @tyler.berger … you don’t collect Vendor Contacts on their own Vendor Account? One of the long pains of Autotask has been its lack of Vendor/Contact linking to Customer Accounts… there is a big feature request in for it.