What is the best way to update a ticket and then close?

Hi all, sorry for my posts. I am trying to work out the best action to use to update an existing Monitoring alert ticket. There are lots of actions for updating, We essentially want to:

  • Put body from email into new note
  • Attach original email to the ticket
  • Stop posting duplicate attachments as well
  • Set Queue
  • Set Status of the ticket

Hi Dale,

This workflow will likely consist of the following steps:

1. Query Autotask for the existing ticket

  • Action: API: Query for one object
  • Entity: Ticket
  • Store results in Variable: custom.ticket

2. Create a note on the ticket

  • Action: API: Create an object
  • Entity: Ticket Note
  • The TicketID property should be set to {{custom.ticket.id}}. All of the other properties can come from the email.

3. Create attachments

  • Action: API: Create Autotask Attachments
  • Parent Type: Task or Ticket
  • Parent ID: {{custom.ticket.id}}
  • Publish: Your choice

4. Update the ticket (set QueueID and Status)

  • Action: API: Update an object`
  • Entity: Ticket
  • The TicketID property should be set to {{custom.ticket.id}}
  • The ID of the resource to update: {{custom.ticket.id}}
  • Add the QueueID and Status fields and set them to correct new value.

I will add a feature request to add the ability to prevent duplicate attachments when using the API: Create Autotask Attachments action.