Create a ticket when no email was sent

I realize MSPIntegrations is an email parser but here’s what I’m looking to do.

We use Veeam for our backup solution, and we get notifications when the jobs are successful or failed. Tickets are created just fine for those.

On occasion, though, the job hangs. No email is sent (because the job neither completed nor failed). Is there a way to have a ticket created if no email is received within a certain time period (for example 24 hours).

I’ve looked at recurring tickets in Autotask but I don’t think that would be a scalable solution should we need to do this for multiple customer.

Thank you everyone for your help!

Dear Lost,

Email2AT is a lot more than email. One very powerfull feature is Scheduled Tasks. You can create tasks that run based on a Cron schedule and these can use all features of Email2AT and the Autotask API.

Here is one possible approach:

In your account record add a UDF to flag the clients that use Veeam. This helps optimize processing.
Then when reports come in from Veeam via email you use Email2AT features to match them to the proper client and create a Veeam Report ticket.

If the report is for a failure you set the ticket to a status to be looked at by a technical resource. You can move it to a special queue or assign it to a specific resource.

If the report is a success you simple auto-close the ticket.

The scheduled process runs once a day and processes each client that is flagged in the UDF as a Veeam user. The task loops through the set of flagged clients:
It looks for a Veeam Report Ticket less that 24 hours old
If found it is happy and moves to the next client
If not found it creates a ticket for the Missing Veeam Report for followup.