Global update on Installed Products

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This is a long shot, but I thought I would ask here.

We have workflows for Installed Products, there is a limitation in Autotask in that if you create a workflow, it will only trigger on installed products created after the workflow creation date. This is an issue when you need a workflow to report on previously created installed products.

Autotask’s only solution is to edit the installed product to reflect a change, even if it means creating a UDF and adding a random text/value. This will be seen as an edit and the workflow will then work correctly.

Is there any way that Email2AT could update a UDF on all active installed products in our database?

Hey @Kalin ,

It absolutely can. You probably don’t even need the UDF. Try this:

  1. Query for all InstalledProducts where:
    • LastModifiedTime < {{date subtract="1 week" to_tz="Autotask"}}
    • Active = 1
  2. Iterate over each InstalledProduct
    2.1 Update the InstalledProduct. Make NO changes to it - just an update step like this:

Because you include the “LastModifiedTime” in the query, if you have too many Installed Products to get through them all, you can just re-run this script over and over until it finds no more. Each time it runs, it will update the next “batch” (because the LastModifiedTime field will change when you do update them).

Let me know how that works!

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You are brilliant @travis, thank you so much.

I tested with a single installed product and through the AT GUI it does not show any visible changes, however when reviewing the Email2At logs, I can see that the last modified date was updated to when the query was executed.

I will update the rule as per your recommendations and test out of business hours.

Thanks again for your help on this, I think this will help a lot of people.

Hey @Kalin ,

I checked out your history, and it looks right. I see that the task timed out after 12 minutes, which is expected.

Since your query limits the results to InstalledProducts that were modified more than a week ago, you can simply run the script again to catch the rest of the items that weren’t processed because of the timeout.

Let me know how else I can help.

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Hi @travis, thank you for your response. I did delete my posts as after some trial and error, I was able to get this working. I have never used the iteration step before, so it took me a bit to wrap my head around it.I figured as much that there is a 12 minute time out to prevent loops from occurring so I will continue to run the rule until no matching criteria is found.

Thank you again for your all help on this.

Hi @travis, I hope you are well and apologies for reviving this old topic.
Unfortunately this did not work, AT support advised that the IP has to show an actual edit on items created before the workflow for it to work. So although the latest activity does show the date the the Email2AT rule triggered, it does not regard this as an edit. Here is an example of one that did not work

IP history:

Last modified date as of 19/02/2024:

Do you have any other suggestions that I could try?

If you need to edit something, you could insert today’s date into a UDF, or even a random string.

Thanks @travis, that’s what I ended up doing. I created a UDF and updated its date, under the IP activity, it now shows an edit. Thank you for your response and suggestion, glad to know I was on the right track.

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