Proposal creation using a Template

I have a workflow in AutoTask where if a certain UDF is set to yes, it fires an email to Email2AT that creates a proposal and then links the proposal to the Opportunity, this all works fine.

But now I have been told that when Sales do it manually, they create the proposal using a template. I have replicated most if the things the template does for them apart from the “Select Schedule Items”.

Is there a way to add the schedule items either at creation or after automatically?


Hi @Koris365

I am unfamiliar with the proposal process as you are using it.

Do you know what is created in Autotask when the Sales team checks the box for “Select Schedule Items”?

Can you provide a screenshot showing what is created?

Hi Travis,

Ive managed to replicate the items in pictures 1 and 2, its just the schedule items in picture 3.
Picture 1:
Screenshot 2024-07-09 090526 1

Picture 2:
Screenshot 2024-07-09 090546 2

Picture 3:


I think the proposals are essentially projects. It maybe the same issue as this:

Creation of a project from a project template - Help & Questions - MSPintegrations

Yes, I think @dale is correct.

The items in picture 3 are tasks and phases from an Autotask project. To recreate those in MSPintegrations, you’ll need to query the proposal to find all phases and tasks, and then re-create those on the new project. I imagine this is possible with MSPintegrations, but I can’t think of how to do it. It will be a very complicated workflow.

I don’t know that we will add this, but I will document this as a request for a feature in MSPintegrations to assist with copying project tasks and phases between projects. If we are able to do that, I’ll be certain to let you know.

I’m sorry I don’t have a great answer for this.