Slowing down the email ingestion process

I have a rule setup to create a single ticket from a sender if the inbound emails come from a list of senders with unique email addresses. Normally, this rule works in the test environment, such as pulling a power cord on a UPS.

Today, while performing a test of the system in a simulated power outage, rather than getting four tickets (3 UPS and 1 Generator) I received 19 across them all.

Is there a way to slow the system down and process one at a time rather than the inbox all at once? If not, what other recommendations might you have?

Hi @boockenstock ,

That’s a great question. It sounds like the emails are coming in faster than the Autotask API is allowing them to be processed. Also, if I recall, you are using Remote Mailboxes, which means the messages are batched together in groups every minute or so when the mailbox is polled.

I have an idea on how to handle this. It will require a net-new feature in MSPintegrations, so it’s not something that I have an immediate solution for. I’m going to document this as a feature request and see what we can do to make it happen.

Meanwhile, would you mind sharing the URLs to a few example emails that should have been added to a single ticket but that instead created multiple tickets? That will help us make sure we solve this in a way that’s useful for you situation.